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Wolf and the Jam Daddies

Thomasina Winslow



Wolf and the Jam Daddies

This band was formed to have fun. The Jam daddies are four people that love to play, and let other people have fun playing too, Bruce (Keys), Billy (drums), Steve (Bass), Jimmy V (Sax), and little old me Wolf on (guitar and vocals). I've played different kinds of music, for over 47 years, but now I've found what I love to play, THE BLUES. I guess as I get older, I want to play smarter not harder, and the fingers don't move like they used to, even thought I have been trying my hand at Jazz. I'll just keep playing as long as I can and be glad that I have the ability to do what I do, And I love it when I see that my music makes people happy. So for all my friends that I know and to the friends I'm going to meet, my music is for all of you that like it too. Thank You for Being There WOLF!


Thomasina Winslow is a internationally known acoustic Blues singer/ guitarist. She has traveled to England,Germany,Ireland and Australia. Lightning up the stage while dazzling her audiences with her rich warm vocals.


Members: Walt Turell, Sean Kilpeck, Bill Peters, Kenn Kasica

Hawgleg are four survivors from the creative years of rock and roll. A modern 70s rock band today. Hawgleg brings back the sound, feel, and wang of a time when AM and FM ruled the airwaves! Hawgleg mixes all types of rock and roll from the stadiums to the juke joint gin mills. Whether heavy on guitars, dancing rhythm, or deep cut blues Hawgleg is an original band playing honest American rock and roll music.

Dennis McLeod

BLACK & WHITE - Live at 2013 New England Blues Festival